Welcome to the Badger State Sheriffs’ Association web site.

It is with pride and humility that I am able to serve as the President of the Badger State Sheriffs’ Association (BSSA).

We all have seen many changes in the law enforcement profession, and those changes have made a dynamic impact on how we administer our offices.

The Office of Sheriff a long standing one of authority and leadership in each of our communities. The Badger State Sheriff’s Association was formed as a vehicle to assist each Sheriff with their duties and responsibilities associated with serving the citizens of their County.

The stronger our association is, the stronger the Office of Sheriff is. Our citizens look to the County Sheriff to be a leader that has a steady hand on the “helm” as they travel through their life experiences.

Each Sheriff takes an oath of office to support the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin. That oath of office carries with it a wide variety of responsibility. The BSSA stands ready, willing and able to protect the Constitution that we have sworn to uphold.

Public scrutiny over the past few years has posed many new challenges for all of us in the law enforcement and public service profession. But that scrutiny has also shown that here in Wisconsin, we are on the leading edge of training and professionalism. Time and time again when the facts become known, our law enforcement professionals are making sound, professional and empathetic decisions.

We as an Association will continue to bring forward new vigorous, and thought provoking training for all of our staff and with the cooperation of our partners in law enforcement, we will continue to be a leading force in the safety and security of our communities and all of the citizens we are sworn to protect.

Stay Safe and Well.

Sheriff Mark Podoll

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